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Succession Planning

This is the most ignored area of owning and running an agency. Planning for a smooth succession for your senior management and an exit strategy for you and your other owners requires taking a hard look at who in your firm can take over.

If your not sure... we better talk! Whether you are thinking of selling to your management team or to a third party, you need a succession team in place to run the business. We can take you through the "hit-by-a-bus" scenario of what happens if you, as an owner, really are hit by a bus. How will your business continue to run and prosper? If you think it can't, you're in trouble!

If you do not have the right succession team in place, we can find it for you. If you do have the right team in place, we can set up the succession planning process to include both the owner(s) and the succession team. Having a the right succession team in place enhances agency value and ensures that your agency stays healthy and profitable during any post-sale earnout period (which most buyers will insist on).

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